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Architects & Professionals

Wykamol offer unique training and technical resource data for architects, professionals and specialist companies.

Architects and professionals

Wykamol offer unique training and technical resource data for specialist companies dealing with below ground waterproofing. We actively undertake cpd presentations on a weekly basis keeping professionals updated with all the technical documents and new legislation that is available in the market today. If you would be interested in this please see our training section of the web site where you will see the different options we can offer.

We also supply technical drawing manuals and interactive cd roms on basement designs. Technical drawings are available to download from the website in pdf and cad format. We also offer a on-site service where 1 of the technical managers will look at plans and visit site and design waterproofing schemes.

Once a design has been agreed on , we will then do weekly site visits to check progress on the site and at the end of the project sign off the job, at this stage we can offer a guarantee on the project with the option of a insurance backed scheme as an extra cost

If there is anything you would like to discuss about any waterproofing issues please contact us on 0845 4006666 or e-mail: sales@wykamol.com