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Basement Construction

No existing basement? Not a problem? A Basement excavation will solve that so you can have that extra living space for whatever you desire!

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Basement Construction

Basement Construction

Many people seek to create more living space in their homes; however, this can often be much easier said than done. Indeed, especially in the current financial climate, moving house or even, in many cases, extending the house upwards and outwards can just be too financially costly to even consider. However, basement construction can be a much more plausible option for many UK homeowners. We at Basement Living can advise on how effective basement constructions can be achieved.

How you could benefit from effective basement construction

Good quality basement constructions can have a myriad of benefits for UK homeowners. They can, for example, provide homeowners with greater living space which looks good and can be created for a very particular purpose, such as to accommodate a home gym, cinema or even swimming pool! The idea of basement construction is being supported by the government, which should not be overly surprising given how effective basement construction can be even in the current financial climate.

We at Basement Living can provide much advice on how effective basement constructions can be achieved, so feel free to contact us for more information and quotes about basement construction. Below are just some of the many tips that we can provide for good basement construction.

How high quality basement construction can be achieved

Basement construction has become more possible than ever before thanks to the advancement of waterproofing methods and technologies including new build water proofing. Especially effective waterproofing in basement construction can be achieved through the installation of what is known as a cavity drain membrane. A cavity drain membrane can be applied for a basement internally or externally.

A cavity drain membrane is referred to in the British Standard document for structural waterproofing, BS8102, as providing Type C category of waterproofing. The NHBC considers this category the lowest form of risk in basement construction waterproofing. A qualified waterproofing Surveyor or Architect considers the key word of risk when putting together a waterproofing design.

During the design of a new build basement, factors including soil conditions like contaminants, the water table position, the structure’s nature and the use intended for the basement should all be considered. Once an assessment of the risks has been conducted, the resulting information should be used to decide what particular waterproofing materials and design to use for a modern and particularly reliable waterproofing method or technology like new build water proofing.