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Wine Cellar Conversion Kent

This was an interesting, unique project for Basement Living to be involved in, completed in June 2009 by Force Foundations of London. As you can see from the pictures, the client required a basement excavation underneath their property and it was important that this was waterproofed to the highest standard to ensure the cellar remains dry. Basement Living’s high quality Cavity Drainage damp proof membranes system was installed with an air gap between the membrane and the wall so any free water could run behind the membrane. This was installed to the British Standard for waterproofing structures below ground or BS 8102:2009 as it is known.
Cellar included living quarters for quests and then the main snooker room for entertaining the guests which was decorated in an old vintage style. However the most important room which required careful planning and implementation was the fully temperature controlled wine cellar for the client’s expensive vintage wine collection. Glass walls needed to be built so that the client could view and show off the vast wine collection which created a design obstacle to overcome as the waterproof membranes are normally hidden a stud wall. Our experts at Basement Living design a perfect solution by attaching the waterproofing membrane to a false brickwork slip wall.
Basement Living was there to help all the way through the project including in the final stages of the project when the designs needed to be amended in order to lower the snooker table into the lower rooms after the waterproofing had been completed. Force Foundations are one of our approved contractors and highly experienced in basement excavations, basement waterproofing and cellar conversions.
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