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Basement conversion. Where do I start?

If you are thinking of converting your basement, there are some very important decisions to be taken.

It is not just a matter of looking on Google or in a local newspaper for a contractor, it is very important to know that all contractors should have an extensive knowledge of converting basements and they should also be aware of BS8102, if they are not I would suggest you do not use them (BS8102 is the code of practice for Waterproofing Below Ground and all experienced contractors should know of it).

It is not just a matter of throwing some dense render system onto a wall or hanging some cavity drain membrane on a wall.

There are major factors that matter in a basement conversion, drainage being one that is critical if you are using a membrane system or if there is any possibility of cracking and movement  when using a dense render system.

These are the kind of design considerations that should be addressed.

Wykamol are pleased to have a strong team of technical managers who can help you create that fantastic space beneath your dwelling.

We would always advise that all basement conversions should have building control notice, and any contractors that tell you different are probably not giving you good advice.