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Further reading

Approved Document: Basements for dwellings 2nd edition 2004.


BS 8002:   1994 Code of practice for earth retaining structures.
BS 8004:   1986 Code of practice for foundations.
BS 8007:   1987 Code of practice for design of concrete structures for retaining aqueous liquid.
BS 8102:   1990 Code of practice for protection of structures against water from the ground.
BS 8110:   Code of practice for structural use of concrete (in 3 parts).

British Cement Association: Basement waterproofing: Design guide and Basement waterproofing: Site guide.

Building Research Establishment: Protective measures for housing on gas contaminated land (2001) and Radon: guidance on protective measures for new dwellings (1999).

This information was correct at the time of writing (February 2007).