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Garden Basement

Is the space under your house not big enough, why not extend your basement further with the space underneath your garden?

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Garden Basement

Garden Basement

Many families seek to create more living space in their homes but struggle to do so for financial or practical reasons. Nonetheless, such families are often still capable of creating more living space; they merely have to think creatively about how they do so. Conventional ideas for doing so include building garden rooms or log cabins in back gardens and digging out or refurbishing basements; however, it is possible to combine these two ideas and create what is called a garden basement!

The potential benefits of garden basements

A garden basement can be basically defined as, in a garden, a room that is under ground level. A garden basement can have many benefits for a homeowner that has installed it; for example, it will not take up any additional space at a garden’s ground level and so there is no loss of light or space and the garden’s aesthetics can remain intact. Indeed, once installed, it can fully look like part of the garden and be used as a decking area or for planting and be a fully usable space.

Tips for effective garden basement waterproofing

Perhaps the most effective of types of underground garden rooms is what is known as the Base Room®. This room’s structure is 95% built below ground level and includes steps that lead down to the room. However, at ground level, the final element permits the introduction of as much as 360º daylight. The construction of the Base Room® also permits complete flexibility for the room’s windows and doors, while the timber roof is sufficiently strong to support a garden terrace that includes decking or planting. The room’s internal finish depends on personal choice.

It is crucial that an exterior basement is properly waterproofed and so remains dry. To be more precise, each structure of garden basements should be waterproofed in adherence to the British Standard 8102. Each Base Room® site is surveyed to discern what type of waterproofing is necessary for that particular application. Depending on soil types, water levels and the intended internal finish of the room, many different systems may be used to realise the most appropriate solution for the exterior basement. Wykamol can provide an innovative structure thanks to many different solutions including exterior waterproof membranes, geotextile sheeting and full cavity wall systems with internal drainage and sump pumps.

Our waterproofing specialists can oversee design, installation and, ultimately, total waterproofing for a garden basement.