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Basement Conversion in East Croydon

With its many modern office developments and retail units, it’s clear that East Croydon is Croydon’s main commercial centre, although there are also various residential streets. A Wykamol-approved contractor recently won the job to carry out a basement conversion in the area.


There’s a lot happening in East Croydon, with the plentiful business activity being complemented by the thriving Whitgift and Centrale shopping centres. These are both near East Croydon station, which highlights another major attraction of this area for businesses and residents alike: its extensive transport links. Bus, tram and over ground services are all available, with East Croydon station being not only the main transport hub in the area, but also London’s busiest station outside zone 1.


Advancements in basement waterproofing methods and technologies, together with their greater economic viability, have helped to increase the popularity of basement conversions, especially in areas like East Croydon that have a high population density and therefore lack open spaces. This makes it more likely that homeowners will choose to extend their properties outwards, upwards and now, downwards.  


Basement excavation work can be very ambitious, with a property’s footprint being potentially extended to encompass such applications as swimming pools, cinema rooms, leisure rooms and gymnasiums. Experts in basement tanking are able to oversee the transformation of dank and damp cellars into highly comfortable, habitable and welcoming living and working areas.


In the case of this particular basement conversion in East Croydon, excavation of the basement took place before the application of a damp proof membrane to the walls. The client was commercial, and the premises is on a road off a street market, so only those using a pallet truck can access it, with access otherwise being gained after 6pm at night.


This commercial building, once completed, will be for use by the stall holders, with completion planned by Christmas time – in the meantime, we’ll provide regular updates. The basement will be accessed by lift. Most of the business excavation has been done by hand, and in the process, part of a World War II bomb was discovered! Croydon is on the flight path up to London, so this was not expected at all.


The basement has central drainage, and it is planned that Kontract 20 will be used on the floor, and Kontract 8 on the walls. These interior waterproofing systems consist of cavity drain membranes, drainage and accessories for the remedial interior isolation of damp above-ground or basement floors and the direction of surface water. They involve the containment of the water that enters through the walls behind membranes and their direction to drainage at the base of the wall. Such a solution ensures Type C drained protection to Grade 3 or 4 for residential or commercial settings.


In areas like East Croydon, there are immeasurable benefits to basement conversions like the above that free up space elsewhere in a property and provide a new, usable and habitable space. However, the best results can only be assured with the use of the best possible materials, including the most appropriate damp proof membrane, while the right contractor is also imperative.


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