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Basement conversions London homes can hugely benefit from! 

Do you live in London? If so, you are likely to be really enjoying living there, given how highly regarded the city is by many people from all over the country and the world and the city's wealth of well-publicised attractions. We at Basement Living are proud that we offer many different types of basement conversions London homes of many different types can benefit from. Below, we provide some examples of how London property owners can benefit from our basement conversion, including basement waterproofing, services.

You can make extra space where there is little obvious space

If you live in London, you are unlikely to need us to tell you that it is crowded, given that the city's resident population density is more than 5000 people per km². You likely feel especially cramped if you live in one of the London boroughs of Islington, Hackney and Kensington and Chelsea, which have been reported to have respective resident population densities of 13,890, 12,920 and 12,830 people per km². Hence, a basement conversion can be an especially practical manner of making more living space in your property without disturbing neighbours.

You can bring greater practicality to historical buildings

London is renowned for its many beautiful historical buildings, including the royal palaces of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Palace and the building of the Houses of Parliament, which includes Elizabeth Tower, informally commonly called Big Ben. Your home might not be as old as any of these buildings, but - given the city's great age - it is still likely to be genuinely historical.

Now, if your home's building is indeed genuinely historical, there are two particular reasons why a great basement conversion could help you. Firstly, it could help you to make effective use of, in your house, an underground area that is currently disused and damp, mouldy or dark. Secondly, in making use of such an area, you could avert having to, in order to make more room in your property at ground level, demolish parts of your house that are not only historical but have fascinating historical features that you would ideally like to keep in place.

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