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Billionaire Phones 4u founder gets permission for 14,000 sq ft underground extension!

There are many things that very rich people think about that the rest of us very rarely, if ever, do. Imagine, for example, if you were wealthy enough to own two houses that were beside each other and linked underground, but wanted to create more property space. What would you do? John Caudwell, the 61-year-old billionaire founder of Phones 4u, was recently in this situation and chose a huge underground extension. This extension, which has yet to be completed but was recently approved by Westminster City Council, will unite the two properties.

Impressive figures for an impressive extension

The extension will measure 14,000 square feet in size and about 180 feet long and include a wealth of features, including a swimming pool, sauna, bar, salon, games room and car park. Once the extension is complete, the entire Mayfair super-mansion created as a result of the extension and the uniting of the two separate mansions will be about 50,000 square feet in size and worth an estimated £250million. The super-mansion will also include 12 bedrooms, as there are already five in each of the separate mansions and the underground extension will include another two.

A crucial decision by Westminster City Council

Speaking of the decision made, after a Westminster City Council planning meeting, to give Caudwell permission for the extension, he declared that he was "obviously delighted", adding: "This now presents me with the opportunity to create a balanced and logically laid-out family home whilst restoring the architectural heritage of the building and also incorporating modern-day features and facilities."

Cellar and basement construction services for a variety of people

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