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Case Study: How Wykamol Helped Turn Basement Nightmare Into Basement Brilliance

With over 25 years experience, Hawthorn Estates has successfully created a well established property repair and re-instatement Company providing a quality driven and economic service throughout the North West of the United Kingdom to loss adjusters, insurers and private clients.


Hawthorn Estates, working in partnership with Wykamol were appointed to resolve an ongoing basement nightmare for Mr & Mrs Berry, Arnside, Cumbria. The project had previously failed on 2 occasions causing a great deal of distress to the property owners. Hawthorn Estates MD, Shaun Kelly requested the direct involvement of Chief Design Engineer, Reg McDonald and Procurement Manager, Phil Charles of Wykamol to propose and design a resolution.


Design Phase:

The basement had many natural elements to consider when producing an effective design proposal including the adjacent tidal bore at Arnside with high fluctuating ground water table heights.

The design was monitored, inspected, certified, and recorded at each stage of the build. The Client’s Surveyor, Ian Crawford of Ellipta attended to ensure the design was adhered to and that the build quality was to exacting standards.

The design was based on Wykamol’s expertise working in conjunction with Hawthorn’s certified installation team.


Project Specification:

The project specification was installed over three stages to ensure effectiveness. The new ground slab was coated with Microsealer as a liquid DPM including for the Aqua Channel drainage gullies. Additional overflow channels and perforations were designed and installed given the extreme conditions.


                            Progress-2.jpg                   Progress-1.jpg 


Primary resistance was paramount with Hydradry applied at the wall to floor junction prior to the installation of any membrane system. Twin Wykamol SUMPFLO chambers were installed giving a four pump system allowing for risk failure of any one chamber, along with the utilisation of extended flexible rodding eyes and wall mounted access panels for maintenance purposes.



After inspection of the primary resistant element, a flood test was undertaken to establish levels and to test the “ring main Aqua channel”. The membrane CM20 was then applied, taped and sealed both under/over at all junctions in readiness for the Fibre 100mm screed.


Wall finishes were constructed from suspended timber stud walling with insulated cavity over which traditional plasterboard was applied. At each stage Hawthorn’s provided certification for all electrical/ mechanical/ plumbing design elements to meet with the client’s wishes.

As part of the design, high level battery backup units incorporating audible alarm were installed. Service agreements were advised following the commissioning of the pumps.


Insurance Backed Guarantee:

A CGS Guarantee is of paramount importance to all clients and is issued in conjunction with Wykamol’s design approval. Hawthorn’s are fully affiliated to CGS and issue guarantees as standard.



Following Completion:

After completion of reinstatement works to Mr & Mrs Berry’s new bathroom, bedroom and study and two years of their lives disrupted; Arnside was subject to a major flash flood combined with a spring high tide following which we received the email as detailed below:


“Hello Ian and Shaun,
Hope all is well.
Just to let you know that we have just had an unexpected flash flood which lasted for about 20 mins, heavy sleet water, brought the tarmac up opposite our property, heavy as hell!
We have had worse, but it was pretty heavy.
Well, GOOD NEWS, we survived it, or should I say, our basement did.
So glad and just to say that we are so very pleased with all the work done down there, it looks fab.
Nice to get my front room back to normal.
Ian, I know you worry about us, well, the basement, you have served us well, thank you. 
Hope to hear and see from you both soon, and may the flash floods carry on down South as they say!
H & C”

Hawthorn’s in partnership with Wykamol and their design engineers, would like to thank Ian Crawford (Crawford Higgins Partnership) for his time, expertise and patience. We would also like to thank Mr & Mrs Berry, who happy with the positive outcome took the time to say thanks.


For further details please contact us via E-mail: laura@hawthornestatesnw.net or Tel: 01772 816220, alternatively visit our Website: www.hawthornestatesnw.net for further details.

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