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Solicitor can benefit from great basement conversion in Cheadle Hulme

The Greater Manchester town of Cheadle Hulme provides a great base from which to see fascinating historical buildings including the 14th century Tudor manor house Bramall Hall; plus, the town gave the world Blackadder actor Tim McInnerny and Victoria Cross recipient James Kirk. It is also the location of a basement conversion that is currently in progress but will result in the transformation of a solicitor's office basement into a storage archive and an additional office. The transformation and the techniques and products that will be used to complete it should give you a good idea of just a little of what you could benefit from thanks to Basement Living.

How this solicitor's office basement will be transformed

This basement conversion will be carried out by the Manchester-based company Cheadle Conversions, who will be using several different procedures and products to complete the conversion to a high standard. A company like Cheadle Conversions will often use a wall damp proof membrane in the process of basement waterproofing; and, indeed, for this project, the company is using what are known as cavity drain membranes. Whereas many conventional basement tanking systems work by holding back water, cavity drain membranes work by allowing water to penetrate the structure but controlling it and sending it to appropriate drainage. Once the conversion of this solicitor's office basement is complete, its structure will include a complete drainage system. A sump chamber is also being used to complete the conversion.

The benefits of the completed basement conversion

The solicitor who typically uses this office basement will be able to enjoy many new benefits once the conversion is complete. They will, for example, be able to use the new storage archive to safely and securely store many different types of documents that are crucial for use for their work. The extra office will also give them an extra space in which they can work without many distractions. The solicitor will also, thanks partly to the use of effective damp proof membrane for walls, be able to work in the converted basement without fearing that documents they leave there could become damp.

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