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Two great and unique uses for a garden basement!


Arranging for a garden basement construction with help from Basement Living can be a novel way of making more liveable space in your property. Indeed, there are plenty of typical benefits of a garden basement; it can, for example, help you to create more liveable space without taking up extra space at your garden's ground level. What precise uses, though, could you put a garden basement to? There is actually quite a large number of such uses - and, once you have read more about garden basements and the garden basement construction services on offer from Basement Living, you could think of some yourself. Here are just two of our suggestions of such uses.

As a place for stargazing

If you like to, as the late, great Sir Patrick Moore used to, regularly use a telescope to see the stars, a garden basement could greatly assist you. One type of underground garden room that we at Basement Living can build for you is what we call the Base Room®. This type of room permits a high level of flexibility for the placings of its windows and doors and so you can have a garden basement with ceiling windows that can give you a great view of the sky at night. Furthermore, the room can protect you from adverse weather while you stargaze, thanks to - among several other things - effectively implemented garden basement waterproofing.

As a games room

Yes, we do mean "as a room in which games can be played". Of course, certain games are more practical than others for playing in one of the garden basements provided by Basement Living; however, there is still a great range of games that could be enjoyably and practically played in one. You could, for example, use a garden basement to play a small scale sport like table tennis. Alternatively, you could use it as a place where computer games or board games can be played. We can use basement waterproofing methods, including installing damp proof membrane for walls, to ensure that people can enjoyably play games in a garden basement despite wet weather outside.

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