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What are the differences between a basement and a cellar?

If you have only recently started perusing the Basement Living website to see what services we offer, you may have noticed our frequent references to both basements and cellars. These references are likely to bewilder you if you are not very knowledgeable about the appropriate terminology and so you are unsure about the typical differences between a basement and a cellar. Well, allow us to help you to better understand our basement and cellar conversion, construction and waterproofing services by spelling out these differences.

The definition of a basement in a nutshell

The main widely accepted difference between a basement and a cellar is what that they have been built to be used for. The purpose of a basement tends to be more general and less specific than that of a cellar. A basement is often used in a property for the storage of items that are crucial to the effective running of the property but have no obvious place elsewhere; such items can include the boiler, water heater, fuse box and air conditioning system. However, in the UK, a basement is only called this when the room is habitable and includes windows and, usually, its own access. In the modern day basements are being used as extra living spaces.

The definition of a cellar in a nutshell

The international Oxford Dictionary of English defines a cellar as, beneath ground level in a house, a room that is often used to store wine or coal. Hence, a cellar should have particular features that might be unnecessary in a basement. For example, a cellar should have the appropriate features to constantly remain, all year round, at a cool but not freezing temperature. Typically, a cellar also includes a small window or opening or an air ventilation feature, such as air/draught bricks, that can help to eliminate damp or stale air in the room.

Maybe you could benefit from services from Basement Living?

You should now have a much better idea of the usual differences between a basement and a cellar. You might now, then, better see how you could benefit from services, like basement or cellar construction services or basement or cellar waterproofing services, from Basement Living.

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