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Why is a basement conversion better than a loft conversion?

As families grow and the need for space in the home increases, many homeowners turn to the idea of freeing up dead space in either their roof space or basement.

Making use of already existent space in the home is a cost effective way of creating another room, as an extension won’t have to be built onto the property, the idea is to simply convert a room that isn’t being effectively utilised as of yet.

When deciding to go down the conversion route, many owners are faced with the dilemma of whether to go for a loft conversion, or make their extension underground in existing, but unused, cellars or basements.

By going for a basement conversion, homeowners are allowing themselves the opportunity to benefit from more space than a loft conversion would offer; in a loft conversion the eaves of the house limit headspace, making it a particularly awkward space for taller people to move around in. L

Planning permission is also a fantastic reason to choose a basement conversion, mainly because you don’t need any! Whilst we always recommend that you contact your local planning authority to check that you are making the conversion legally and safely, as a rule of thumb, most conversions don’t require you to get approved planning permission.  If your basement or cellar is already existent as part of your property, changing the use of the room to a habitable space is usually proficient enough to move forward with the conversion.

Due to the nature of the conversion, the rest of your household needn’t be massively disrupted as it is simply carried out downstairs and away from everything else that goes on in a day to day capacity in the home. When a loft conversion is carried out, many factors will disrupt the daily routine, especially when processes such as fitting a new staircase and windows are being carried out.

Basement conversions are a fantastic option for you to make your family home adaptable to your needs and can be used as anything from another living room, an office, kitchen diner, gym or pretty much anything that you envision the room to be. 

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