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Will I need my basement waterproofing if I have a conversion?

Cellars and basements by nature are generally damp places that are more vulnerable to a water intake than the rest of the house.

As they are below the ground, basements are surrounded by earth that is a direct path for water to get into the walls and reap havoc; even having a small amount of water get into walls can cause problems so in order to carry out a conversion and create a comfortable living area, a waterproof course is imperative.

There are many ways to waterproof the space and at Basement Living we will talk through all of our procedures with you in order to give you the option to choose what process you think will work best for you.

When carried out properly, cellar waterproofing will also add value to a home and at Basement Living we follow the BS8102:2009 code of practice, which ensures that any waterproofing work carried out will protect structures from water and is completed to a very high standard that is stipulated by a surveyor. By using this course of action, we can guarantee that the basements we work on are completely protected from water entry, meaning no floods and no damp.

The signs of a good quality conversions start at the basics and waterproofing is a core fundamental to ensure that the basement conversion job has been carried out to a high standard, allowing the homeowner to use the space as any other room in the house, without the worry of water ever seeping in.

Each cellar will have different requirements in order to carry out an effective waterproofing programme, so it is imperative that expert advice is sought in order to ensure that all of the conditions of the site are taken into consideration to plan the best course of action.

Basement waterproof systems will effectively tackle dampness and hold water back, as long as each structure is individually assessed in order to decide what system is most appropriate. We understand that waterproofing process can be one that is mind boggling to somebody who doesn’t understand the procedure and we are happy to sit down and explain just how it works to all customers who are either planning or considering a basement conversion.

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