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Damp Proof Membrane Products

Waterproofing solutions for a variety of basements...

Basement Drainage Solutions

When installing Wykamol Cavity Drainage membranes, it is crucial to also provide an appropriate drainage solution...

Basement Ventilation Units

Effectively ventilating your new basement will increase a basement's worth as a living space..

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We can advise on many different products!

We at Basement Living have the right knowledge and experience to advise you on an impressive variety of products. We can use knowledge of your particular situation to advise you on what products you should use and how you should use them for basement or cellar construction or conversion.

Below the product categories are introductory details of the kinds of products that we can advise on.

Damp Proofing 

There is a variety of waterproofing solutions suitable for a variety of basements. Each of these solutions typically uses one of two waterproofing methods: membranes or structured waterproofing, otherwise known as tanking. The damp proofing products that we advise on include Wykamol’s Cavity Drainage damp proof membranes and cement-based tanking products.

Plugs and Tapes

We can advise on a large variety of plugs and tapes products. The plugs products in this variety include super brick plugs, plaster plugs, COB plugs and plug seals, while the tapes products in this variety include Wykamol butyl tape, Wykamol butyl rope, Wykamol Overseal, DAB collars and big-selling Wykamol Corner.

Drainage Solutions

When installing Wykamol Cavity Drainage membranes, it is crucial to also provide an appropriate drainage solution. Mechanical drainage must be used here due to the common impossibility or inconvenience of natural drainage. The sumps, pumps and alarms products we can advise on include BlackSump™ and SumpFlo™ products.

Sewage Systems

We can advise on a huge variety of Magna sewage systems products. These products are fully automatic packaged pumping stations that have been specifically designed for pumping foul and waste water when gravity drainage is impossible or uneconomical to install. We can also advise on Aquaflush and Powerflush systems.

Surface Treatments

Wykamol provide many different surface treatment products, including many that can be applied as surface coatings etc. to help to protect masonry. The surface treatments products that we can provide advice about include SBR latex-based liquid damp-proofing paint Technoseal DPM, water repellent Enviroseal and salt neutralisers.

Ventilation Units

Effectively ventilating a basement is always worthwhile, as making its air dehumidified, conditioned and breathable can hugely increase a basement’s worth as a living space. We can give advice about many different ventilation units, including Wykamol Homevent units which use the Positive Input Ventilation principle, core drill ventilator Vario BM 418 and Black Hole Vent BM 720 and 725 units.