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AMA drainer 303

KSB Ama Drainer 303

The KSB Ama Drainer 303 is a Submersible Waste Water Pump.  Used for automatic drainage of sumps, pits, shafts, yards and cellars subject to a flooding risk, lowering the surface water level, this pump is our upgraded model and offers powerful delivery.

Standard Product Features:

Broad range of submersible motor pumps

    • Optimum adjustment to the actual requirements taking into account economic aspects
    •  Design is matched to the fluid pumped (for waste water or aggressive water)

Cable with plug-type connector

    • Easy and fast replacement

Solenoid float switch

    • Wear-resistant and reliable
    • No casing passage, therefore absolutely tight
    • Variable level control settings and anti-overwinding device
    • Easy adjustment to external control system by means of locking disc

Integrated swing check valve

  • Prevents the discharge line from running empty

Vertical discharge nozzle

  • Easy installation
  • Low space requirement
  • No need for additional components such as elbows

Integrated motor protection

  • Prevents motor overloads

Triple shaft seal with sealing liquid lubrication

  • Safely isolates the motor from water
  • Lubricates the seal faces under dry-running conditions

Jacket cooling of motor

  • Permits operation even when only partly submerged

High-quality plastic casing with stable handle

  • Low weight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Shock-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Low-noise operation

Optimised hydraulic systems and motors

  • Large pump output at high efficiency Wirkungsgrad
  • Economic operation


  • Automatic drainage of sumps, pits, shafts, yards and cellars subject to a flooding risk
  • Lowering the surface water level
  • Drainage of underground passages
  • Extraction of water from rivers and reservoirs
  • Drainage

Fluid Handled:

  • Ama-Drainer -- standard design for waste water
    • Slightly contaminated water, also containing solid particles with a particle size of up to 10 mm.
  •  Ama-Drainer C -- variant for aggressive water
    • Transport of seawater or water containing salt
    • Transport of brackish water

Operating Data:

  • Q up to 14 m3/h, 3.9 l/s
  • H up to 12 m
  • t up to 50 °C

Design / Variants

  • Vertical, fully floodable submersible motor pumps in closecoupled design, IP 68, single-stage, with integrated swing check valve.
  • Pump control via float switch.
  • External control is possible with 10 m motor cable.
  • Max. immersion depth 2 m.


  • Ama-Drainer 301 deep-groove ball bearings/plain bearings
  • Ama-Drainer 303 deep-groove ball bearings

Shaft Seal


Impeller end

Motor end


2 shaft seal rings

1 shaft seal ring

Oil chamber is fitted in-between the two seals.


  • Ama-Drainer 301/303/SE: jacket-cooled single-phase a.c. motor with integrated temperature switch, cable and shockproof plug.