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Battery back-up pump system

The battery back-up system is designed especially for where the possibility of primary pump failure through either a pump fault or loss of mains power would be catastrophic.

Kit comprises: off/ run/ high level alarm float switches, 24 V backup pump, control panel, nonreturn valve and junction box and mains operated audio alarm panel for warning of high content level in tanks or sumps
Vertical output: 5 m.
Horizontal output: 30 m.
Flow rate (maximum): 170 L/m.
Requires 220-240 V 13 amp, 2 pole switched spur with antisurge protection.

More about Battery back-up pump system

Product reference: Battery back-up pump system .
Parts List: [11012] 1 NCC 24V Back-up Pump
[9101] 3 ‘Mini’ Float Switches
[3003] 1 Control Panel
[1019] 1 1¼" Non-return Valve (Brass)
[24000] 1 Float Bracket (‘L’, 3 Float) 

Standard Product Features


Control panel
24V back-up pump
Non-return valve
Dimensions (h x w x d): 380 x 300 x 180 mm.
Discharge: 32 mm.
Cable length 4 m 
Battery life 90 min
Panel must be located within 4 metres of the pump.
Pump is suitable for connection to 32mm PVCU pipework with solvent welded joints. Do not use compression fittings.