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Drainage outlet

1. Aqua Channel

The internal peripheral drainage channel known as ‘The Aqua Channel’ is a P.V.C drainage conduit that has been specifically designed for the control of water ingress in below ground situations. The channel which is pre-formed in a pentagonal shape with pre-drilled drainage holes set 70mm apart along its length, is fitted around the periphery of an internal floor at the vulnerable wall/floor junction and can be used in most waterproofing situations.

Water enters the channel through the pre-drilled holes and is then diverted to a suitable drainage point, either natural (gravity fed) or mechanical (sump & pump). The channel is particularly suited for use in conjunction with Cavity Drain Membrane. Water entering a building through walls or curved soffits is controlled behind the Cavity Drain Membrane and diverted to the ‘Aqua Channel’ fitted at the base of the wall.

Aqua Channel Accessories

2. Channel Outlet

The channel outlet consists of a 90º PVC bend and a PVC male coupling which is fitted to the base of the ‘Aqua channel’ to allow water to be taken from the channel to the water collection point i.e. sump & pump. A 40mm diameter hole is cut into the base of the channel and the 90º bend and male coupling is inserted and solvent welded together to form a swivel joint. A 1½” PVC pipe can then be fitted into the channel outlet to link it to the sump & pump or water collection point. The swivel action ability of channel outlet also means flexibility, which is sometimes needed, when one is taking into consideration the positioning of the sump & pump.

3. Channel End Outlet

Where gravity fed drainage is to be used, the channel end outlet has been designed to convert the pentagonal shape of the ‘Aqua channel’ into a round aperture. This enables water to be discharged from the ‘Aqua channel’ into a ‘P’ trapped gully or to a soakaway and is fitted to the end of a section of ‘Aqua channel’. A blanking plate made from PVC with a 40mm diameter hole cut through, together with a PVC male coupling and straight connector is solvent welded to the open end of the channel. This then allows for a 1½” PVC pipe to be connected and then extended to the ‘P’ trapped gully or soakaway. NB the channel end outlet should not be used to drain water from the ‘Aqua channel’ directly into foul drainage or into a stack pipe. This is because there is a risk of pungent smells emanating into the ‘Aqua channel’ peripheral drainage system. It is not possible to insert a non-return valve, as this cannot operate properly in the horizontal position.

4. Cleaning Ports

Cleaning ports (jetting eyes) should be incorporated into the ‘Aqua Channel’ and can be inserted at any point along its length, to allow for periodic cleaning of the drainage system. A 40mm diameter hole is cut into the top the channel to enable a PVC straight connector with a removable cap and rubber seal to be solvent welded to a male coupling. It is recommended that 1 jetting eye (cleaning port) be fitted for every 12 linear metre run of channel installed.