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The MaxiSumpSystem™ is especially designed for the removal of groundwater from basement membrane systems.

Polyethylene tank requires site drilling for connections to suit application.
Supplied with lockable, pedestrian duty cover.
Vertical output: 7 m.
Horizontal output: 50 m.
Flow rate (maximum): 132 L/m.
Requires 230 V AC fused electrical supply.
Requires level concrete base and concrete backfill.

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MaxiSumpSystem™ .

High Water level Alarm:

[7001]. - Mains operated.

[7002]. - Mains or battery operated.

[As supplied]. - Battery operated.



[8001 rubber wall seal 110 mm]. - For drainage inlet. 

[8007 battery backup system for pump].

[9068 brass gate valve 32 mm]. 

[9089 rubber wall seal 50 mm]. - For cable duct inlet.


Standard Product Features


Parts: tank, lockable access cover, pump, float arm for pump, nonreturn valve, fittings kit, HW-9 low voltage alarm.Standard Product Features

Dimensions (diam x h): 600 x 600 mm.
Discharge: 32 mm.
Submersible pump: 1.5 A, 340 W.Access cover:
Drill tank to suit application.
Choice of standard option inlets and seals.