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Powerflo telemetric system

Battery Back-Up System

The powerflo battery back-up system is designed especially for circumstances where the possibility of primary pump failure through either a pump fault or loss of mains power would be catastrophic.

  • Kit comprises: control panel, 24V back-up pump, 3 no. float switches, nonreturn valve and an IP 66 rated junction box
  • Suitable for connection with 32mm uPVC pipework
  • Maximum Horizontal output: 30 m.
  • Maximum Vertical output: 5m
  • Flow rate (maximum): 170 L/m.
  • Requires 220-240 V 13 amp, 2 pole switched spur with antisurge protection.

Standard Product Features


  • To commission the control panel you must connect both the batteries using the connectors provided, a red indicator on the battery charger will inform you that the batteries are now charging, once fully charged the red indicator will turn green. To test the system, disconnect the primary pump from the panel and fill the tank with water until the back-up pump activates. It is also recommended to lift the high level alarm float switch to check the alarm is operating correctly.

Control Panel Operation

  • The most important element of the battery back-up system is the control panel as it controls and monitors the status of the complete system. The panel consists of both visual and audio indicators that are imperative for both the installer and end user to fully understand.

Visual Indicators

  • White Indicator (Supply On) This indicates whether there is a mains supply connected to the unit. Should the mains supply be removed (i.e. Power failure, blown fuse) the light will go out.
  • Red Indicator (Fault) This indicates whether there is a fault with the back-up pump, such as a blockage, blown fuse or that the batteries have run dry.
  • Green Indicator (Running) This indicates that the back-up pump is in operation.

Audio Indicators

  • The battery back-up system comes complete with an audio alarm to alert the user when there is a high level situation within the tank. Also located on the front of the panel is an alarm mute button to silence the alarm in a high level situation.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply to Panel: 230 V AC
  • Power Supply to Pump (via Panel): 24 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Motor Rating: Intermittent
  • Max. Flow Rate: 170 l/min
  • Max. Vertical Output: 5 m
  • Max. Horizontal Output: 30 m
  • Max. Liquid Temp.:
  • Rated Current: 6amps
  • Discharge Size: 32 mm
  • Cable Length: 1 m
  • Battery Life: 90 min