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Aquaflush waste water pump

The AquaFlush™ is a fully automatic pumping system specifically designed for pumping grey water when gravity drainage is not possible or economical to install.

  • Suitable for installing either at the initial building stage or retro fitting.

  • Can accept waste connections from a sink, washing machine, dishwasher or similar.

  • Consists of an ABS odour tight tank with a built in automatic waste water submersible pump.

  • Easy to install as there are five pre-moulded inlets, two either side and one located on the top of the system.

More about Powerflush™ Macerator

Product Name AquaFlush (Qty) AutoFlush MF (Qty)
Tank c/w Lid 1 1
Pump 1 1
Washing Machine Adaptor 1 1
Hose Clamps 1 1
Discharge Line Connector c/w NRV 1 1
Rubber Elbow 1 -
PVC Discharge Pipe 1 -
PVC Discharge Pipe with Elbow - 1
Flexible Discharge Pipe 1 1

Technical Specifications

Model AquaFlush AutoFlush MF
Power Supply 230V AC 230V AC
Rated Current 2.1A 3A
Motor Rating 460W 660W
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Revolutions Per Min. 2900rpm 2900rpm
Max Vertical Output 6m 11m
Max Horizontal Output 45m 80m
Horizontal Fall 1:200 1:200
Max Flow Rate 180l/m 180l/m
Max Liquid Temp.  
Discharge Size 32mm 32mm
Cable Length 3m 3m
Weight 5.3Kg 11Kg
Colour White White 


Model AquaFlush AutoFlush MF
Length 345mm 345mm
Width 400mm 400mm
Height 390mm 390mm


Model Product code
High Level Alarm ‘Mini’ Mains Operated 7001
High Level Alarm ‘Mini’ Battery/Mains Operated 7002