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Aquastop Tanking System

Aquastop Tanking System

Cementitious, dry gauged slurry mix with acrylic polymer, for remedial waterproofing below ground.

  • Good bonding, abrasion resistance and strength.
  • Typically applied to inner surface of wall by brush. Areas of high hydrostatic pressure may require backing coat of sulfate resistant render.
  • Suitable for application to solid floors.
  • Supplied as powder for mixing with water, to slurry consistency.
  • Choice of colour to distinguish between coats.
  • Not sulfate resistant.
  • Apply Aquastop Instant as filler to stable holes, minor active water leaks.

More about Aquastop Tanking System

Product reference: Hydradry Tanking System .
Preparation: [Not required]
[Aquastop Instant]
Quick setting compound for plugging active water leaks or fixing holes.

(substrates of normal hydroscopic pressure):

- Colour:

[Coarse internal surface, one coat, 2 kg/m²]
[Coarse internal surface, two coats, total 2 kg/m²]
[External surface, one coat, 1.5 kg/m²]
[External surface, two coats, total 1.5 kg/m²]
[Smooth internal surface, one coat, 1.5 kg/m²]
[Smooth internal surface, two coats, total 1.5 kg/m²]

[Vary between coats]
[Contractor's choice]

Standard Product Features


– General:

  • Apply one or two coats, density to suit substrate. Second coat can be applied after 24 hours.
  • Preparation is required to provide stable, uncontaminated surface with mechanical key. Consult supplier.
  • Special preparation is required at corners and at wall/ floor junction.
  • Stop active water leaks using Aquastop Instant quick setting compound, mixed to putty consistency.
  • Level uneven surfaces using 3:1, sand:sulfate-resisting Portland cement
  • Treated surfaces become fully effective within eight days.

– Applied finishes

  • Suitable for coating 12–48 hours after setting of Aquastop.
  • Suitable for use with Wykamol Renovating Plaster or sand:cement plaster incorporating waterproofing agent.
  • Not suitable for coating with gypsum plaster.
  • Use stainless steel beads.
  • Use only vapour permeable applied finishes.