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Enviroseal plus

Enviroseal Plus Water Repellant

Water repellent, vapour permeable, silicone/ siloxane treatment for exterior cement render, concrete, masonry, mineral fibre cement or wood.

  • Penetrates substrate and cures as breathable silicone resin barrier.
  • Thixotropic formulation for effective single-coat application.
  • Reduces efflorescence and associated problems.
  • Does not alter appearance of treated surfaces.
  • Provides good adhesion for overpainted finishes.
  • Alkali resistant.
  • Does not prevent penetration of water at pressures greater than 1.4 kg/cm². Not suitable for use as a damp proof membrane.
  • Not suitable for use below ground or for non-absorbent substrates.
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Product reference: Enviroseal Plus Water Repellant.
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Application: [Brush] 
[Coarse spray] 
[Lambswool roller]

Standard Product Features


Completely remove existing painted finishes and surface contaminants.


  • Apply when surfaces are dry.
  • Resistant to rain after one hour.
  • Full cure within two weeks.
  • Decoration:

    Can be overpainted after 1 week.