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Epoxy floor coating ep40

EP40 Epoxy Floor Seal

Wykamol Epoxy Floor Coating EP40 water based floor coatings are grey or clear, two-pack, easy to apply resin systems with excellent adhesion to concrete, wood and other surfaces providing attractive, hard wearing dust-free finishes. Floors become easier to clean with an impervious finish and are substantially more resistant to damage by fork-lift trucks, chemicals, fuels and lubricants etc.

Epoxy Floor Coating EP40 can be applied to new (green) concrete, 7 days after being poured.

Wykamol Epoxy Floor Coating EP40 being lowodour, is ideal for use in the food industry, dairies, breweries, bakeries etc. where solvent based products are prohibited. The hardwearing properties and resistance to chemical and oil spillages make Wykamol Epoxy Floor Coating EP40 ideal for industrial units, warehouses, automotive workshops and general industrial usage:

Wykamol Epoxy Floor Coating EP40 can be used as a liquid DPM (Damp Proof membrane) at ground floor level.

Resistant to detergents, dilute alkalis, oils.

  • Resistant to abrasion.
  • Excellent adhesion. Suitable for application to damp surfaces without standing water.
  • Sprayable.
  • Water based. No organic solvents.
  • Suitable for use as a damp proof membrane for ground level applications.
  • Also suitable for walls.
  • More about EP40 Epoxy Floor Seal

  • Product reference: EP40 Epoxy Floor Seal
    Colour: [Clear]
    Application: [Brush]
  • Standard Product Features

  • Preparation:

    • New concrete: Remove loose material. Chemically etch and wash off with water or light sand blast.
    • Dense, smooth concrete substrates: Chemically etch and wash off with water or blast clean.
    • Application:

      • Touch dry: 3–4 hours.
      • Hard dry: 16–24 hours.
      • Full cure: 7 days.