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Hydradry Tanking System

Hydradry Tanking System

Wykamol HydraDRY is a BBA Approved cementitious compound designed for application to the internal surfaces of walls and the associated solid floors of cellars, basements and other areas below ground level and subject to penetrating dampness.

  • System prevents ingress of liquid water, including active water leaks. Hydrostatic pressure (maximum): 5 m. Vapour permeable.
  • May provide sufficient protection for Grade 3 basement to BS 8102.
  • Suitable for block, brick, concrete or stone substrates. Not suitable for gypsum substrates.
  • System cures to rigid coating bonded to substrate. Not suitable for substrates experiencing active movement.
  • Materials supplied as powder for mixing with water, to putty consistency.
  • Apply Hydradry to inner surface of walls by brush.
  • Suitable for application as DPM to sound solid floors under new screed with vapour permeable finish or for applications to solid ceilings.
  • Apply Hydraplug as filler to stable holes, minor active water leaks. Also suitable for forming grounds up to half brick size suitable for mechanical fixings.

Standard Product Features


– General:

  • Apply two coats, each 1.5 mm and 3 kg/m². Total coating thickness (maximum): 4 mm.
  • Apply to full height of soil retaining structure and 150 mm (minimum) above DPC.
  • Thorough preparation is required to provide stable, uncontaminated surface with mechanical key. Consult supplier. Grit blasting is recommended.
  • Special preparation is required at corners and at wall/ floor junction.
  • Not suitable in areas with sulphate content exceeding Class 3 of BRE deposit 363. Special preparation is required in areas with sulphate content e.g. SBR primer, SBP render or SBR latex as additive to Hydradry gauging water.

– Applied finishes

  • Applied plaster finish is recommended to provide protection from mechanical damage.
  • Suitable for coating 12–48 hours after setting of Hydradry.
  • Suitable for use with Wykamol Renovating Plaster or sand:cement plaster incorporating waterproofing agent.
  • Not suitable for overcoating with gypsum plaster.
  • Use stainless steel beads.
  • Use only vapour permeable applied finishes.