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Salt neutraliser

Salt Neutraliser

Water based treatment to prevent or treat efflorescence.

  • Suitable for application to a wide range of substrates, including new plaster and old stone.
  • Contains acetic acid with surfactant.
  • More about Salt Neutraliser

    Product reference: Salt Neutraliser.

    Standard Product Features


    • Remove all loose efflorescence.
    • Soak affected area with potable water.
    • Application:

      • Apply Salt Neutraliser by brush or roller. Typically, one coat is adequate. Dilute to suit.
      • Old brickwork with heavy efflorescence: Use undiluted.
      • New plaster with light efflorescence: Dilute 50:50.
      • May leave neutralized deposits, which can be washed away using potable water.
      • Allow to dry thoroughly before application of finishes.