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Vario BM 418

‘Black Hole’ Ventilator – Stops Wind Blasting In

The air flow within the duct is slowed down by the change of direction and by the vortices formed, reducing draughts to a minimum.

Stops Light Showing Through: Occupier cannot see through it and is less likely to be worried that all manner of insects/creatures will come into the house.

Stops Light Shining Out: Night flying insects, such as moths, craneflies and mosquitoes, are not attracted in.

Absorbs Outside Noise: Reduces outside traffic noise. The internal shape works as a baffle.

Correct Amount of Air: The ‘Black Hole’ Ventilator allows only the right amount of air to be pulled through by the appliance when it is operating.

Safety: With the above problems eliminated, the occupier is less aware of the vent and so will not be tempted to block it off, which can and has led to dangerous situations.

Core drill ventilator. Supplied with an alternative anti-draught baffle which reduces the measured ‘Free Area’ to 70cm2 effective ‘Free Area’. Core drill size 127mm (5”). Tube 350mm (1m length available). Includes Air blast cowl.

HR version available for High Rise applications.