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High quality basement or cellar waterproofing is crucial aspect of basement or cellar construction or conversions.

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Basement & Cellar Waterproofing & Tanking


A crucial aspect of good quality basement or cellar construction is good quality basement or cellar waterproofing. However, such waterproofing, which is more commonly referred to as basement or cellar tanking, often must be applied in a very particular way if it is to help to prevent any water entering the basement or cellar and so damaging it. Thankfully, however, basement and cellar tanking can be much easier with the help of expert advice from Basement Living.

Tips for making good basement tanking possible

Effective basement waterproofing involves applying a completely waterproof membrane across a masonry surface. Furthermore, it should be conducted in adherence to the code of practice known as BS8102:2009. This code of practice is intended to assist in the protection of structures against water from the ground and will require a surveyor to design a particular waterproofing system for the basement structure in question. By doing this, the surveyor should be able to prevent any entry of water into the basement in question.

It is crucial to consider that even specifically designed basement waterproofing systems are not inclusive for any water that arises from leaking drains. Though such systems may still deal with such water, there is no guarantee of them doing so.

Some ways in which good cellar waterproofing can be ensured

It is possible to effectively carry out cellar waterproofing from the inside or outside of a cellar. However, it is most often applied to a cellar’s inside, as access to a cellar’s outside can often be impractical, often to the extent of being impossible.

Nonetheless, all of this is simply a rough overview of the options that many people who seek to carry out cellar waterproofing have; each cellar waterproofing project is unique, as each site has very particular conditions and specific requirements which affect how the cellar in question can be effectively waterproofed. It is for this reason that, before you commence with such a project, you should seek help and expert advice.

We can help with both basement and cellar waterproofing

We at Basement Living can not only advise you on how effective basement and cellar tanking can be achieved. We can also help you to get your hands on appropriate and good quality products and the help of contractors in preparation for basement and cellar waterproofing projects. Don’t be afraid to contact us to learn more about how we can help you with such projects.