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Basement Waterproofing

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Basement Waterproofing and Tanking

Basement Waterproofing

Good waterproofing is a crucial element of a good basement. Basement waterproofing is more commonly known as basement tanking and, when carried out effectively, involves applying a 100% waterproof membrane over a masonry surface. This helps to prevent water from entering the basement and so potentially severely damaging it. However, much more about such waterproofing than this should be learned in preparation for effective basement tanking – and we at Basement Living can help many people, including you, to learn it.

How can good basement tanking be achieved?

Good basement waterproofing should be carried out according to the BS8102:2009 code of practice. Adhering to this code, which has been drawn up to help to protect structures against water from the ground, during such waterproofing is very important for ensuring the high quality of the waterproofing and will necessitate a surveyor designing a very particular waterproofing system that is especially suitable for the basement that it will be installed for. Once a surveyor has done this for a basement, water entry into the basement should never happen.

Basement tanking that does not adhere to the above mentioned code of practice cannot be guaranteed to help to protect basements against water entry. If a basement that has been subject to poor quality basement waterproofing, thus water entry results in flooding, then this dilemma has more than likely occurred due to a basement conversion that has disregarded the drainage system. The drainage system may have been disregarded due to cost-cutting of the project; however, high quality basement tanking includes incorporation of membranes into the basement structure in question.

Typically, during good basement waterproofing, membranes are incorporated into a basement structure outside, inside or even sandwiched intelligently between masonry components. Waterproofing is conveyed by waterproof reinforced concrete structures; these structures are defined by specific British Standards that relate specifically to the concrete.

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Effective basement tanking really can be much easier to carry out thanks to Basement Living. Not only can we recommend various methods that you can draw upon to achieve such waterproofing; we can also assist you in obtaining the right high quality products and help from the right high quality contractors to enable especially good conducting of basement waterproofing. Why not get in touch with us to find out more about how we can assist you with basement tanking?