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Cellar Waterproofing

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Cellar Waterproofing & Tanking

Cellar Waterproofing

Effective cellar waterproofing is crucial for a good cellar. Cellar waterproofing is often referred to as cellar tanking and there are many particular techniques that are necessary for carrying it out to a high standard. We at Basement Living can inform you about such techniques while also helping you in other aspects of competently carrying out cellar tanking.

Tips for implementing effective cellar waterproofing

Good cellar tanking should be conducted using a dry lining system or, as it is more commonly known, a CDM system. This system is unique compared to other cellar waterproofing systems as it allows for the entry of water behind the membrane. Typically, installing such a system involves applying a covering to masonry, though not every installing of such a system will involve this. Such a system is applied under the ground and serves the purpose of preventing and, in some cases, controlling dampness or preventing the entry of water.

It is crucial that you seek help and expert advice before you embark on a cellar waterproofing project, as every site at which cellar tanking is set to be installed has its own conditions and particular requirements. Because this is the situation with every such site, what precise type of cellar waterproofing should be used is typically only decided after the site’s conditions have been considered. The specific use that the cellar will have is also considered at this stage as part of the endeavour to choose and supply the best waterproofing solution.

Basement tanking and CMD systems can tackle dampness and water entry, but each has different effects affected by what structure it is implemented in. Crucially, in some situations, only one type of system will be appropriate. Any water that enters is directed to sumps pumps or active draining systems; however, this water must drain off somewhere, which means that any cellar waterproofing system not incorporating a sump pump or active draining system risks flooding, as no membrane system is likely capable of holding back water that enters behind.

We can help you to achieve good cellar tanking

It is always very crucial that, when conducting cellar waterproofing, you consult someone who is qualified and experienced in this field; otherwise, your attempts at cellar tanking could turn out financially costly and damaging. Remember to contact us for our expert help with your cellar waterproofing efforts; we can help you to make appropriate, cost-effective and safe decisions in these efforts.